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Adorable Baby Bottle Covers & Comforters

Welcome to Milkysnugz, the home of innovative baby bottle covers and weaning products to help support your baby’s breast to bottle journey.

Available to buy through our online store, you can choose from one (or more!) of our cute and cuddly characters that your baby will simply love! Whether it’s feeding time with Mason or snuggling up to Benji at bedtime, Milkysnugz bottle covers and comforters are a perfect addition to any family.

When using a Milkysnugz bottle cover to feed baby, it takes on the scent of mummy and helps to regulate the temperature of the milk. This helps your baby to build an association with their Milkysnugz comforter, as opposed to the teat, allowing for smoother transition and weaning from breastfeeding to bottle.

This also means that partners and grandparents can get involved in feeding time too, meaning that mummy doesn’t always have to be present when baby is hungry!