What Are Milkysnugz - Baby bottle comforters developed to support the breastfeeding and bottle journey


MilkysnugzTM were invented due to personal challenges, wanting to support mums, dads & partners bond with baby without having to give up the opted feeding routine, MilkysnugzTM were created to pick up mums smell they & they are fun, cuddly bottle comforters that make feeding time easier for mother and baby. Available in six adorable characters, MilkysnugzTM provide comfort to your baby during feeding time, and serve as a friend to snuggle up with in bed. 



Young babies spend a lot of time feeding from bottles, and often need feeding during the night. With a MilkysnugzTM friend, your baby will sleep easier and feed more easily, allowing the pair of you to enjoy a better night's sleep. MilkysnugzTM can aid your baby's transition from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding, and strengthen the maternal bond.



Developed to make feeding time more fun, MilkysnugzTM will comfort your baby and help him/her to develop fine motor skills. This will aid your baby's mobility as he/she learns to grasp and move his/her hands. To keep your baby as comfy and snuggly as possible, MilkysnugzTM are made from only the highest quality cotton & polyester and have been tested to fully meet CE and ASTM testing standards.



MilkysnugzTM also feature a zip fastener for easy access to the bottle, a MilkysnugzTM hook for attachment, and bright, easily-recognizable colours. Wash your MilkysnugzTM easily in a simple 30-degree wash, and they'll emerge looking as good as new.